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Introducing our stunning handmade Floral Canopy. Elevate your event with this exquisite piece. Available in white, black, or pink, this stunning canopy features customizable flower and accent colors to suit any design scheme. Perfect for weddings or special occasions, the Floral Canopy also doubles as a dreamy photo prop for capturing unforgettable moments. In a nursery, it adds a touch of whimsy over a crib, while creating a cozy reading nook for your little one. For older kids and teens, it's a personalized accent to their bedroom, and for adults, it's a romantic and elegant addition to any bedroom decor.

Floral Canopy

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Let your imagination run wild with this custom piece! You have the ability to add accents from butterflies and feathers to toy cars and construction equiptment! This decorative element really is all about you!

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