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Charity Event Planner Serving Union County

Are you planning a non-profit charity event? Need some help to get the event off the planning stage? Our charity event planning Union County team will help you create an outstanding event on a small budget using our years of experience. 
We understand that charity event planning is different from regular event organization. Operational costs must be kept to a minimum while maximizing donations. We can help create an outstanding event on a small budget using exclusive suppliers. 
Our charity event planning Union County team will plan your charity event with meticulous attention to detail. Using their skills and non-profit event experience to enhance publicity, raise awareness and ensure you raise the much-needed funds. 
Non-profit event planning takes time, so we start planning well ahead of the event to guarantee everything runs smoothly. An essential part of any non-profit event is to have a plan. 
Here are a few things to consider:
-Define your goals for the event
-Choose a theme or type of event
-Who are your sponsors and partners
-Plan the event
-Promote your event



Does it sound overwhelming? Look like a lot to take on? Take the stress out of planning and managing the charity event and take advantage of our charity event planning Union County team. 
Our non-profit charity event planners are used to working with tight budgets, working with partners & sponsors, creating an event from the initial planning phase, managing the event, and executing every detail. Leaving you to focus on what matters. 
We can provide full event support or come in and help manage the event on the day. We work in partnership with you, using our event planning skills, bringing in powerful fundraising elements such as silent auctions, uniquely branded features to help you create a truly memorable fundraising event.
Are you stuck on ideas? Choosing a theme, not as easy as you thought? We can help you plan for a fun and entertaining event. Ever considered a casino night? A gala dinner? Choosing a theme for your event allows you to plan more effectively. We can work with you to help you reach your fundraising goals. 
We can provide solutions from very little support towards the event’s production to total event production. With our expertise, you can be confident in trusting us to help you.
Every client we work with is unique, and so are their needs, so we design our party planning service around you. If you are searching for a charity event planner in Union County, please book a consultation with us or email to discuss your requirements and devise a bespoke proposal. 

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