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You may find the answer to your FAQ's here...

  • What type of events do you specialize in?
    We will happily plan any event, big or small. Drawing from our years of experience, we will arrange your unique event from initial idea to the last guest leaves. Our goal is for your event to exceed your expectations.
  • What are your fees?
    Every event is unique and every clients needs are different. To meet the special needs of our clients and work with in their budget we offer hourly rates. Our rates vary from $25 to $100 an hour depending upon our level of involvement in the planning process and scale of the event. We are a full service event planner which means we are there from day one until the last guest leaves. However, we also offer Day-Of-Event Coordination with $1000 minimum fee. We are dedicated to making your event amazing while staying within your budget. We will openly communicate with you so that all charges and fees are understood.
  • Can I get a consultation? Is there a consultation fee?
    Well, you are reading this site so I wonder, do you have an upcoming event? We would love to meet with you! After all, planning your event starts with your vision. To get us started on this adventure together, there is a consultation fee of $100. However, this fee is waived should you decide to proceed with us coordinating your event. Should you choose another planner, the fee is due 30 days after the consultation. We hope to hear from you soon!
  • How soon should I book your services?
    It is always best to book services as soon as you can. However, we realize that last minute events do occur and we are very experienced at handling both. Please bear in mind that, venues and vendors (caterers and florist etc.) do often book up months in advance. Therefore, it is always best to begin the planning process early. Booking early does not nessecarily mean an increase in fees but it does mean you are more likely to get your first choice of venues and vendors. That having been said, life happens and we are prepared for it. So, if you have that event that snuck up on you and you just need it to be fabulous in a hurry, we are here for you! We are prepared and comfortable in the chaos that is event planning.
  • Why do I need an event planner?
    Your time is precious and we want to make sure that you get to spend it doing the things you love! We are dedicated to taking away the stress of planning an amazing event and letting you relax and enjoy it. Our experienced event planners can advise, support and guide you from the inception of the event until the last guest leaves. Not only will we handle all the details that go into your perfect celebration but, we will also help you stay within your budget and on schedule. We will negotiate with venues and vendors to ensure you get the best price possible and respond to any last minute wrinkles that will, enevetablly, occur. Acheiving your vision while saving you time, money and alieveating stress is our mission!

Billing & Pricing

Let us help you create your vision on your budget...

Payment For Services

Payment structure and schedule will be discussed with your event coordinator after the initial consultation. 

Cancellation Policy

As event planners, we begin to work behind the scenes long before the day of your event. However, we also understand that things often happen that are outside of our control. Our cancellation policy has been formed with those things in mind. Should something arise to interfere with your event we ask that you inform your planner as soon as possible and refer to your planning agreement for guidance. 

An Amazing Event

Our goal is to make sure that you are happy with your event. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service please contact us to discuss your concerns.

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